London toddler photography

London family portrait photography | Outdoor photoshoot at sunset

London family photographer

I was commissioned to take some beautiful portraits for this family during one of their visits home to London from Hong Kong, where they have recently moved. Adorable little Charlotte had also just celebrated her 2nd birthday, so what better timing for some family and toddler photos!

Natural family photos

As ever, I love to make the most of soft natural light in lovely outdoor locations, which is my signature look. We were so lucky to have absolutely perfect hazy, golden light for our session too. These were all taken in Richmond Park, SW London, which I love for it's range of beautiful, natural backgrounds and space for little ones to explore. Two year olds are too young to "pose" for the camera, which is not really what my photography style is anyway - I love to photograph them collecting stones (stones being hugely fascinating at that age) or picking dandelion clocks, or as you will see here, finding bits of wood. All things that come very naturally to this age group; their delight in small things is part of what makes photographing little ones so rewarding! 

London family portraits

I will also suggest family photos with each parent individually, as well as everyone together. Again, it's wonderful to capture the normal interaction between parent and child - Charlotte here being obsessed with prodding her father in the mouth! 

If you are interested in your own family photoshoot in London or further afield, I would love to hear from you. In the meantime I will leave you with some of my favourite portraits from this session.

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