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Early winter baby photography

Brrr! It’s starting to get really cold and wintry; there are only a few trees left in the London parks with leaves clinging to them! We have however had some gorgeous days of relatively warm sunshine, which suited adorable 8 month old baby Cassie. Later on, when winter really hits, I have to admit it’s a little too cold for outdoor baby photos. I tend to start my November shoots around 2pm in the afternoon, to make sure we have plenty of light.

Kensington family photos

Kensington Gardens is a great spot for family photos, with the Round Pond, the Palace and plenty of trees/grass. It’s usually pretty convenient for clients to get to as well, especially those visiting London from abroad. This was baby Cassie’s first ever professional photoshoot, and she did so well! Her little bear ear hat was just the cutest thing ever, and amazingly she didn’t try to pull it off! Her outfit was perfect all round, with lots of knitted layers to keep her snug. Pale, neutral clothing with some texture reflects and catches the light really well (unlike darker tones which absorb light). Clients always ask what to wear for family portraits, and the clothes the family are wearing in these shots are an excellent example of what looks best on camera in the winter months.

Natural family photography in London

As anyone who follows my work will know, I specialise in very natural family photography, using exclusively natural light in outdoor environments. This means (1) knowing exactly how to use the available natural light in every season, in every weather and at every time of day; and (2) knowing how to get the most out of clients who are not professional models, who are usually feeling awkward in front of the camera, so that they interact in a genuine and natural way with their family - as well as still looking at their best! Every family is different, and has a different dynamic, and so much of my job is understanding that, and helping people to relax. I will say however that I do seem to have the loveliest clients!

I like to direct my photoshoots to an extent, especially at the start, so that I can get the most out of the sunlight (or diffused cloudy light) and will suggest the best spots for families to stand, as well as ideas as to what to do. The light can be so varied, even day to day at the same location, at the same time of day. After a while as an experienced outdoor photographer, you learn to really ‘see’ light in a new way, and learn how to use it to create a certain look. My style is very soft and natural, so I avoid direct harsh sunlight and look for the angle that softens the light, as well as foliage or other items that will block or filter some of the light. For example, it can be trees, or even here, by the edge of the pond, baby Cassie’s face is actually blocking the direct light from her mother’s face. Some professional cameras will struggle to focus in very intense backlighting situations - it’s just a case of finding the right camera body and lenses for this style of photography. It’s fair to say that iphones especially hate backlighting because they can’t cope with the massive range of contrast within the image!

I have gone on a bit, so for now I will leave you with some of my favourite photos from this adorable photoshoot.

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