About me

Best family photographer London

I am a specialist baby, child and family portrait photographer based predominantly in West London and South West London known for my love of natural light and photographing everyone in pretty fields of grass if I can get away with it! I live in Kensington, close to Holland Park (a favourite spot for family photoshoots) and Notting Hill.  I am also a contributing photographer for Getty Images.

From law to photography

I worked as a lawyer for almost a decade in London (and latterly the Cayman Islands) before I left my corporate suits and heels behind to pursue photography. For those of you wondering how I got out of law, I first attended a prestigious photography course in the US, before two years working for the leading photography studios in Grand Cayman where I learned the art of toddler wrangling, newborn baby-whispering, the beauty of fine-art prints and the business of being a professional photographer. In the summer of 2015 I returned to London to establish my luxury portrait photography business; I'm now highly in demand for my family photography amongst a discerning - and often well known - West London client base. I have been published in numerous magazines, including most recently in Practical Photography (August 2018 edition).

Family photography

I specialise in beautiful baby, children and family photography either in my clients' homes or on location and love to celebrate motherhood in my images. I adore photographing little ones because they are so enchanted with the world around them and have a million-and-one different expressions. I am passionate about using available natural light to create soft, flattering, light-filled photographs; my signature look is fresh, natural portraits set in nature, with light softly filtering through the trees. I am completely obsessed with finding wildflowers and grassy meadows for children and family sessions, and even in winter there are lovely locations and very soft magical light if you know where to look. My aim is to create stunning, artistic portraits that you fall in love with and prints that are passed down through generations. 

London portraits

I also photograph modern, elegant women's portraits, for women, their families, or for personal branding, as a fresh alternative to the traditional "corporate headshot". My clients include entrepreneurs, businesswomen and bloggers. As a keen yogi myself, I have also developed somewhat of a niche in yoga photography for yoga studios and instructors.

Portrait photography isn’t about the photographer. Nor is it about building a Facebook following or making a name for yourself. The real goal is to take stunning portraits that people will look back on 20 years from now and say, “This is more priceless than anything we own.” That is what photographers are creating.
— Sue Bryce, world-renowned portrait photographer