Natural newborn photography London

Natural baby photography | Sweet, simple newborn portraits

I am a firm believer that less is more when it comes to beautiful baby photography and capturing the finest, most perfect details of newborn babies. My minimalist and natural style is simply to feature those tiny rosebud lips, shell-like ears and perfectly-formed eyelashes using soft natural light.

Natural baby photography

I love to use very neutral colours and soft cosy blankets on which baby can snuggle - and often fall asleep. My favourite of all is cream blankets and pale jersey stretch wraps to make baby feel secure and supported. It's all very simple and minimal; I am not one for bright colours for baby photos or very many props - if any! As baby is often undressed it's worth mentioning that it really helps to keep the room nice and toasty (and I will bring a space heater with me) so baby is always a comfortable temperature - and more likely to sleep! 

Minimal style

I keep my retouching of newborn baby portraits very clean and natural. For example, I will tidy up flakes of skin on the face, but I love to leave a few visible on the body because as well as being beautiful photographs they are also a documentary record of that special fleeting time, and a reminder of exactly how baby looked in their very first couple of weeks. Flaky skin is part and parcel of being a newborn!

Black and white family portraits

I will always suggest we take time for some family photographs of both parents holding baby, and together. It's beautiful to capture that tenderness and emotion and really shows how tiny those newborns are in their parents' arms. Often these sort of minimalist family portraits look wonderful in black and white and I will usually add a few of these to my clients' galleries too. If you are particularly keen on black and white photography then do let me know.

At home London baby photography

If you are expecting a baby and looking for a newborn photographer to capture those precious early days in a very natural, gentle style, I would be delighted to help. You can reach me at, or here.