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It made a lovely change to bring my usual style of yoga photography indoors and create something a little more stripped back, urban and moody - perfectly suited to the current London weather! This gorgeous sequence features yoga instructor Helen and was shot in one of the yoga studios in the Printworks health and fitness club in West London. I love the simplicity of the space, the pared-down aesthetic of the simple black Lululemon clothing against the brickwork and industrial windows - and the expressive lines of Helen's yoga practice catching the light. Even on a dark cloudy day, there was plenty of soft light pouring into the studio. It was only natural that I turned some of the photos into grainy black and white portraits which suited the look here so well. It's far from my usual outdoor, sun-lit style of photography, but it's fun to try something new and I love the results!

Yoga photography

I have a number of yoga photoshoots coming up over the next few weeks in London and can't wait to share them with you! In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line if you are a yoga instructor or brand representative interested in commissioning your own session.

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