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It has suddenly got blazing hot in London with a heatwave today in the city! Luckily the sunshine creates perfect sparkling light for my portrait photoshoots, especially early in the morning or at sunset. These photos were all taken during a shoot for the lifestyle blogger @pizcadeom who runs a wellbeing blog and online meditation courses. She also practices yoga, and this shoot was designed to include a range of headshots, yoga poses and portraits in keeping with her brand that she could use to upgrade her website. We discovered during the session that Maria practises at the same studio I go to in London - Triyoga - and that she is doing a teacher training course next year with Julie Montagu, one of my favourite yoga teachers in London.

Battersea yoga photography

Battersea is one of my go-to locations for all sorts of portrait photography, but I think this is the first time I have done a yoga shoot there. There is such a mix of backgrounds in the park, and I love these palms and lavender bushes that we found which provided such gorgeous colour and texture. You would never believe that some of these photographs were taken in London! We were spoilt for choice really.

Tips for shooting in sunshine

For photographers I would say that the only main thing to be aware of is the use of light and shady spots, so as to soften the bright sunshine, which can be dazzling at this time of year. Ideally you need some shady cover to create that lovely soft backlit look which still retains colour and depth in your photos. Here I used the shade cast by the nearby palm trees. Further detail and contrast can be brought out in the editing process if your photographs look a little dull and flat straight out of camera. Here’s some of my favourite images from the series.

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“I absolutely love the pictures :) Thank you so much!”

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