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Meet adorable 4 month old baby William photographed on Hampstead Heath in North London. It's easy to think that family photography in winter is lacking in colour and interest, but as these family portraits show, it can be anything but! When the sun is out on frosty mornings, there is a gorgeous warmth and vibrancy to the Heath - lighting up the frost-covered grasses and catching the curls on baby William's hair! That said, I couldn't help but convert some of the photos to soft black and white portraits; monochrome images are particularly well suited to high contrast images with bright highlights and deep shadows and have the ability to really focus the eye on the emotion in the image.

North London family photographer

Hampstead Heath family photography

Many of my family portrait clients are based in the North London area and I tend to find myself on Hampstead Heath at least once a week. William and his parents live in Crouch End, which made the Heath a great spot for our sunrise photoshoot! I especially love the Heath in the mornings because of the direction of the sun compared to later in the day and the fact that it's so quiet and peaceful at that time, with only a few dog walkers and runners for company. Children are often at their chirpiest first thing as well and will have often been awake for hours by the time the sun comes up! Baby William just adored being out in the fresh morning air and was such a happy little bean. I am often asked what the milestone ages are for baby's first year and the 3-4 month stage is a great one to capture, when babies have really got amazing eye contact and wonderful smiles! I love how much Stephanie and Daniel's love for their little one radiates through these family portraits and I know they will be treasured in the years to come.

Luxury fine art albums

I make no secret of my love for tangible fine art prints and albums, which live in our lives the way that digital images cannot. Stephanie ordered one of my very favourite albums from the amazing Folio boutique printing company with a gorgeous denim blue fabric cover to match the tones of these images, full of nearly all the photographs from the session - it's a great way to avoid having to choose just one or two photos!

Hampstead Heath family portraits

The Heath is wonderful for photography right through the seasons. I'd love to chat about your own family or children's portrait session. In the meantime, here's some of my favourite portraits from this photoshoot!

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