Black and white family photographers | London

Black and white family photographers in London

Whilst I am known for my light and airy family and child portraits, I think every portrait photographer goes through phases of being obsessed with black and white imagery. Perhaps it's something to do with being in the depths of a London winter, with minimal colour to play with, but I have recently become drawn to turning my indoor photographs into moody black and whites. These grainy, monochrome tones suited this documentary-style newborn baby session in Wandsworth so perfectly. This couple were such authentic, creative types (and the amazing quality of light in their beautiful home certainly helped) that I couldn't resist providing them with many many black and white photos in their gallery! I love the rich deep blacks and the soft grain - and the raw emotion captured here. Black and white strips back any distracting colour palette - there is a simplicity here that I adore. As you'll see in the images that follow, men are particularly well suited to being photographed in such a high-contrast, dramatic style. For the first time ever, here is a blog post made up entirely of black and whites!

Black and white portrait photography

To any families also in love with this documentary, style of family photography, I would love to plan a session with you. For everyone else, don't worry, usual full-colour service will resume shortly! 

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