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Newborn baby photographers

Whilst I am perhaps best known for my outdoor family photography, I am particularly busy with indoor family portrait sessions through the winter months. These relaxed lifestyle photoshoots are perfect for natural newborn photography, such as with baby Bertie, photographed at home in Clapham, London. 

Natural baby photography

All my newborn photography takes place at my clients' homes, which works especially well when there is an older toddler around - and also for many parents who are not yet up to travelling to a studio in the very early days! These photos of newborn baby Bertie were taken when he was 11 days old; I usually recommend sessions are within the first 5-12 days of birth as this is when babies tend to be sleepier and curlier with gorgeously smooth skin! I tend to use very neutral-coloured wraps and backgrounds in soft organic cotton and very little else in the way of props. I only use natural window light as it is so soft and flattering; I adore these portraits of mummy Jessica and baby in the gentle light from their bedroom window. 

Clapham baby portraits

Many of my at-home family photoshoots are around the Clapham and Wandsworth area! They last around 3 hours, depending on how much baby sleeps and whether there are siblings to photograph. I will always take a combination of gently-posed portraits with each parent and baby, as well as photos of the whole family and individual portraits of baby - as well as grandparents if there are any visiting! The ideal situation is for baby to be asleep for at least part of our session, especially to photograph baby by themselves and for those beautiful close-up macro shots of lips and eyelashes! In terms of preparation for the session it can help for baby to have had some 'awake' time before I arrive, as well as a good feed if possible - although I completely understand this does not always go to plan! I would love to chat if you are pregnant and love the idea of a soft, natural style baby photoshoot in Clapham, or elsewhere in London. You can reach me at or here.

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