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Kew Gardens is an amazing spot in West London for family portraits! This is the third time I've photographed two year old twins Isabella and James and it's always such a treat to spend time with them. They are so adorable together and their mummy always kits them out in the sweetest little outfits - check out James' pale cord dungarees and Isabella's pink dress chosen to match the blossoms!

Cherry blossoms

This particular photo shoot was commissioned to take advantage of the cherry blossom which is in full bloom at the moment. It's so fleeting and one of my favourite backgrounds for spring family photos, but you do have to be quite quick as it doesn't hang around. We decided on Kew for our session because there's so much space there and it's lovely and quiet mid-week (and wasn't even too busy during the Easter holidays), unlike some of the London parks which can be so busy! It's also one of the best places to see the cherry blossom along Cherry Walk, although we had such a wonderful time exploring the grounds and playing with the twins' wagon that we almost forgot about the blossoms!

Kew family photos

Kew Gardens is a treat whether I'm there for kids photography or otherwise - I couldn't believe it when the twins' mummy admitted she'd never been! Isabella in particular loved the displays of tulips and other flowers in front of the Palm House and around the pond - as soon as she saw them she kept saying "Oh wow" and leaned it to try to smell them... it's just as well they have that netting around the flowers! We had to tear her away after she'd walked around the circular flower beds several times - and keep a close eye on them both as they leaned to try to see the water in the pond! After all of that it's fair to say the kids were also especially excited to get to the Climbers and Creepers playground at the end of our shoot.

Twins photographer

The twin's mummy wrote this review about our session together at Kew (and we actually have another shoot planned to coincide with the bluebell season!): 

"I have used Heather three times now! As others have commented she is very flexible on dates and is happy to leave a shoot until the weather is perfect so I really like her 'let's wait and see' attitude. She is incredibly patient with my two-year old twins (as well as with their mummy!) - toddler twins are so so hard to control - and they have really warmed to her over the sessions. You sometimes only have a split second to get an amazing shot with the two of them at the right time and she never disappoints. I am always blown away with the places she chooses to shoot and have visited some beautiful spots in London I never would have been to otherwise. Coupled with a genuine fondness of children and caring and polite demeanour she is a rare gem amongst children's photographers."

I'll leave you with a few of my favourites from this session.

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