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Pregnancy photography is fast becoming one of my most popular types of photoshoot! I love outdoor maternity sessions and how each photoshoot is unique with the light and colours of that particular day and location. Even throughout the colder winter months, pregnancy portraits can be absolutely beautiful. These photos were commissioned by Ritika and her husband at around 33 weeks of pregnancy to celebrate this special fleeting time in their lives before baby arrives!

Pregnancy photos and weather

All my clients ask what will happen in the event of poor weather conditions. My goal is to produce beautiful portraits and so I am very flexible with my scheduling to make the most of the weather and the available light. Ritika's session here had been postponed from the previous day which had poured with rain! Unusually these portraits were all taken mid-morning, rather than nearer sunrise or sunset, but even on harsh, bright days, when the sun is high in the sky I can still create stunning, soft and flattering portraits. I know from my own experience of being in front of the camera how hard it is to relax and trust the photographer - but as you can see in these gorgeous pregnancy photos it makes all the difference. I am always there to give guidance as to where to stand and how to pose in the most flattering way to show off your baby bump and beautiful pregnancy curves - or indeed in any other type of portrait!

What to wear for maternity photoshoots

Both Sew Trendy (based in the US) and Mi-Estilo (based in the Netherlands) supply beautiful dresses specifically for pregnancy photography. I have photographed dresses from both these companies and they produce a huge range of gorgeous outfits whatever your style and are great sources of inspiration! However, less expensive options can photograph just as well - the dresses worn by Ritika in the portraits below are both from ASOS, and the floral crown is from Claire's Accessories. Heavy jersey knit fabric photographs so well, especially for pregnancy photos, and in cooler months you can hide a pair of thermal leggings underneath to keep warm!

London pregnancy photography

I would be absolutely delighted to photograph you and your partner (and any siblings too)! I am available for sessions throughout North London, West and SW London and I'm always happy to recommend different locations depending on the time of year and where is convenient to you. In the meantime, here's a little look at lovely Ritika's maternity photos.

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