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Wandsworth baby photography

This was an absolutely dreamy baby photography session featuring newborn Victor, 8 days new. As with all my newborn baby photography, I travelled to my clients' family home in Wandsworth, South West London, where these portraits were taken. I was so lucky as their house was absolutely full of gorgeous luminous natural light - you can see the huge windows reflected in the catchlights of older brother, Alfred's eyes!

Newborn photography with older siblings

The truth is that photographing toddlers with their newborn brother or sister is perhaps the most difficult portrait of all! Older siblings are usually still adjusting to their world being turned upside down with the arrival of a new baby and don't really do "posing" of any kind in any event! However, portraits of siblings are so precious to parents that it's always worth the time to try (and I always allow plenty of time in my sessions to do so). I have to say that here there was lots of bribery with food to make it work! I also take time to photograph the older child by themselves, which made for some really beautiful natural portraits of Alfred you can see below.

Printing family portraits

This was the second time I have photographed this beautiful Scandinavian family in London (the first being a beautiful "Mummy & Me" maternity session with Sophie and Alfred which you can see in my blog archives). I designed one of my luxury fine art print collages from that maternity session which features Alfred, and another collage with portraits from this baby session. The bespoke collages are all designed using your favourite images; it's so lovely for clients to enjoy their family photographs on their walls where they can be seen every day.

Baby photography in London

This baby photoshoot was typical of my gentle, natural style of newborn photography; full of soft neutral fabrics and plenty of close up detail images of baby's little features. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in planning a similar 'at home' baby photography session for your newborn.

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Collage design:

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