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Child photography

This summer has been so busy with repeat clients; it’s so lovely helping families create a lasting record of their growing kids exactly the way they are now. I first photographed this little one at 12 months when she was just starting to walk, and now she’s just turned two years old and is super fast on her feet! It’s amazing how fast children grow and how much personality they develop - this photoshoot was all about that and preserving those memories for Allegra's parents. Who knows what she will be like next year! 

Child photography

I tend to specialise in children’s photography between the ages of around 7 months to 3 years old. Partly this is because of my love of natural light outdoors, which is better suited to older babies and upwards, and partly because I love how rewarding this sort of kids photography is. Toddlers are one of the most challenging age groups to photograph because of how fast they run around and because they are still too little to really be bribed or to understand a photoshoot - but on the flip side they are completely un-selfconscious and just FULL of natural, genuine expressions. I consider it really important to capture a whole range of emotion during the course of a shoot, to record as much of their personality as possible. It’s definitely not just about pretty smiling faces looking at the camera! This photoshoot really reflects that ethos perfectly, with lots of photos of Allegra in all sorts of funny little moods that her parents know so well, and want to remember in years to come. 

Natural light outdoor photography

Whilst I am well known for my use of sunlight in my outdoor family portraits, these photos show that beautiful images can be created even on heavily overcast days when the light is incredibly soft and diffused. It is a very different look from bright sunny days, but colours are much more vibrant in these sort of cloudy conditions - and the park was lovely and quiet! Here's a few of my very favourite photos from this photoshoot. 

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