Pregnancy photoshoot in winter

Winter pregnancy photography | Richmond Park

Winter pregnancy photoshoot

It's been a busy month with lots of pregnancy photoshoots throughout London and especially in Richmond Park! It was a perfect choice of location for this sweet couple from New Malden in SW London who were celebrating their 9 year wedding anniversary on the day of our session. They were so natural in front of the camera and full of love for each other which - I hope! - is reflected in these lovely sun-kissed portraits.

Richmond Park photography

Richmond Park is one of the few London parks which seems to remain vibrant and full of beautiful colour throughout the winter months. In the late afternoon as the sun starts to set everything takes on the most beautiful golden tones. These maternity photos were taken in the Isabella Plantation and in one of my favourite meadows of grass. 

Pregnancy photos in winter

Pregnancy photography is not exactly one of those photoshoots that can be delayed until spring! Throughout winter I continue to photograph pregnancy clients outdoors - so long as they can brave the chill. Shveta here was 32 weeks pregnant and had the most adorable sized bump, although I'm not sure how she managed in her heeled boots! It can be tricky dressing for maternity photos, but I always recommend clothing that shows off the bump and choosing colours that work with the location. You can see here how well the colour of Shveta's mustard top photographed against the golden grass. One of the benefits of winter photography is that the trees are bare so the sunlight filters through beautifully, rather than being blocked by thick foliage - and it has such a soft, magical quality. 

Winter pregnancy photos

If you are around the 32 week stage of pregnancy onwards and think you might be up to braving the chilly winter conditions for a maternity photoshoot then I would be absolutely delighted to hear from you. I have lots of tips and suggestions for clothing options and the best way to keep warm!

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