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Richmond Park never fails to disappoint and I love it for children's portraits through all the seasons. We've had a spell of freezingly -cold, but sunny weather over the last week and, if the kids are wrapped up warm, it can be fantastic conditions for outdoor photography! At the moment Richmond Park is still full of colour with the grass and bracken in the late afternoon sunshine - as well as all sorts of fallen trees and frozen puddles to explore and get muddy in! 

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Ever since I first photographed twins James and Isabella back in the autumn, their exhausted, but proud mummy Claire has fallen in love with having photographs of them! I think the months can just flash by so fast that having photos to look back on is almost a way to freeze time. The twins have just celebrated their second birthday on New Year's Eve and so this photoshoot in Richmond Park was a chance to take some more portraits of the two of them. Even since we last met, they have grown so much! They are particularly fond of bubbles, so I brought my bubble machine along so they could chase and pop some bubbles; we also spent lots of time exploring the bracken, chasing around trees and climbing on logs - not the worst way to spend an afternoon!

Best time of day for children's photography

I am passionate about creating children's portraits full of authentic, natural expressions with beautiful lighting. I want them to be both candid - and stunning! I usually try to time my photoshoots for an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, when the light is golden, soft and richly-toned. One of the benefits of winter is that these times of day are well within reach for children, rather than the late summer sunsets! These photographs of Isabella and James were taken in the afternoon, around 3pm. If you think you and your kids might be up for a walk and a family photoshoot in Richmond Park in the frosty sunshine, or in one of the other London parks, then let me know! 

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