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Meet sweet Savanna, aged very nearly 2 years old and her parents - expecting their second child very soon! Between Savanna's upcoming birthday and the imminent arrival of her baby sister it was a perfect time for some professional family photos to mark the end of this particular stage of their growing family. The photoshoot was originally commissioned as a father and daughter session, although mum (and baby bump) got in on the action too!

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The session took place in late spring, on the Easter weekend on Wimbledon Common in South West London. Whilst the weather was cool and a little overcast, the light was incredibly soft and luminous. I love the way the gentle sunlight lit up Savanna's blonde curls! I haven't photographed on Wimbledon Common for a few weeks, although it is a favourite spot, with the rugged heather and grasses to add so much texture. 

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Savanna was one of the fastest two year olds I've ever photographed! It's quite amazing how much changes in that second year between 12 and 24 months, from toddling around to an instinct to run rapidly in the opposite direction! Whilst that can pose challenges for the child photographer, there is always ample opportunity for capturing some lovely family portraits and photos of children, for example on daddy's shoulders and being swung between parents. Also it's fair to say that towards the end of a shoot children tend to slow down a little, after they've run around and worn themselves out! 

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It was an absolute pleasure to arrange for these family photos to be turned into beautiful luxury fine art prints to be hung in the family home. There's nothing quite like seeing photographs in print - they are so tangible compared to digital images being left on a computer somewhere, only to be looked at once in a blue moon! I collaborate with the professional fine art printers, Folio Albums; their prints are simply stunning. 

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