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Spring is one of my favourite seasons for portrait sessions, although there are still some chilly days around, the sunshine is just glorious! The blossoms and early flowers are out too, which makes such a lovely colourful backdrop to photos. 

Outdoor portrait photography

I was commissioned by this client because she specifically wanted sunlit outdoor portraits in long grasses taken at sunset - essentially she wanted it to look like summer! It's probably fair to say that this brief was right up my street with my love of natural light and sun-kissed images. We took particular care to plan our session around the weather, and after one false start, we timed it just right, with a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon in late March. I am often asked whether it is possible to get that golden look on a cloudy day, but sadly, whilst various trickery is possible in Photoshop, that genuine sparkling warmth and light cannot be faked. Despite the sunshine, this day had a bit of an icy wind, especially by sunset, but (hopefully) you would never know from these warm-looking, golden hour photos!

Richmond Park photographer

The location was also important to create the look this client was after, and at this time of year, there is nowhere else in London that does long golden grass quite like Richmond Park! I often scout all my favourite spots during spring, to see how things look after winter and which flowers are in bloom etc, so I can recommend the best places for my clients' photoshoots depending on what they are looking for. It also means I already have one or two locations in mind before the session starts, so no time is wasted - for example, I already had found these gorgeous purple flowers in Richmond a week in advance, so I knew to recommend that the client wear a lilac coloured dress (which was then paired with professional make up with lovely plum/purple toned eyeshadow). It's these little details which help a photoshoot come together! Also from a practical perspective, a little forward planning meant that we maximised our time together efficiently, with a quick walk to the locations and as little time as possible standing around in the chilly wind!

Modern portraits

Whether you need some fresh non-corporate headshots for your business, or are looking for some natural, modern portraits as a 'pick-me-up' or to celebrate your life, I would be absolutely thrilled to help plan your session. Here's a few of my favourite images from this photo shoot for inspiration!

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