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London portrait photographer | Amber at sunset

London portrait photographer

Sunset is my absolute favourite time of day for portrait photography, just when the sun is dipping behind the treeline, the shadows are long and the light is luminous. These portraits of Amber were all taken in early September in the golden hour, on Wimbledon Common, SW London. 

Outdoor portrait photography

Amber commissioned this sequence of outdoor portraits with the specific request that they would convey "a feeling of warmth, with lots of sunlight". She was also keen for a very natural organic look, with long grass, and golden light. It's wonderful when clients see my work and know it is exactly what they are looking for. I always strive for natural portraits that look "un-posed", although that is not to say they are! Most clients are nervous in front of the camera and need some guidance and encouragement as to what to do, especially at the beginning of a session. 

Portrait photoshoot styling

I am often quite involved in the planning and styling of my clients' sessions. I know from experience what colours and tones work best in different locations and will work with my clients to help them achieve a cohesive "look" to their portraits. We knew that we were going to photograph Amber in fields of golden grass, in golden light and so dusty lilac and muted purple tones were the perfect match for these tones. These dresses were soft and elegant, without being too formal or out of place in a natural, outdoor environment. Likewise, Amber's hair and make up was very soft and naturally-styled.


I regularly photograph clients needing fresh portraits for social media, blogging and websites... and sometimes just for themselves. I would love to hear from you if you would like to discuss your own portrait photography in London, or further afield. You can see my full portrait portfolio here.


Portraits at sunset London
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London portrait photography
Portrait photography London
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London senior photographer | Portraits at sunset
Portrait photography London
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