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Outdoor family photoshoot with a one year old | London

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Meet gorgeous toddler Henry, age 14 months and star of this lovely family photoshoot on Hampstead Heath, North London. August is such an amazing time for family portraits; the light and warmth of photos taken in the summer months just can't be beaten. That said, it's important to get an early start on sunny days like this, before the sunshine gets too harsh and bright! 

One year old professional photography

The majority of my family photoshoots seem to be with one year olds these days. My style of natural outdoor photography seems to suit this age group especially well, being much more robust than babies, and so interested in the world around them! Toddlers make such great photography subjects for a portrait photographer - being wide-eyed and full of different expressions, changing by the moment! It’s wonderful to be able to capture all of these for the family to look back on as they grow.

Henry loved toddling around the dewy morning grass in his bare feet and was fascinated by the flowers and stones on the gravel pathways. It seems like all kids this age are! His little summertime outfit of pale grey dungarees was just the cutest, and worked so well in the soft tones of the lavender and against the other outdoor backdrops. Like we did here, it’s also really sweet to include any favourite toys your child has, which again help create such a lasting record of how they were at that particular age.

Lifestyle family photography

I like to include a mix of both simple portraits and modern lifestyle images in my family photoshoots. I especially love here the very natural images of Henry and his dad interacting with each other, whether watching closely as Henry takes teetering baby steps, or swooping him around mid-air. There’s not really much “posing” one can do with a one year old toddler anyway! Here’s some of my favourite photos from our shoot.

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